Red Grocery
Merchant Center
How will I receive orders?We will display you products to customers in your nearby location within your free home delivery zone. They will place orders and chose from the payment options you have provided. We will update you about the orders & customer's detail via Email & also send an SMS on your registered mobile phone.

I am a shop owner and want to showcase my products in your site to increase my sales. What will it cost? We offer free signup for grocery store owners. As a signup bonus we will not charge anything for first 2 months. After the free bonus period of 2 months, we charge 1.5% of the order amount that you receive through us. You need to add credit/balance in your account to keep receiving orders from our side. We will also charge the service tax paid to respective banks & credit card companies if a customer pays via credit/debit card or internet banking. Otherwise our services are free to use. You can manage your inventory, alerts & orders for free.

How can I add credit in my account after receiving free orders for 2 months?You will receive free online order worth for first 2 months as a signup bonus. After that you need to add credit in your account to continue receiving online orders from Red Grocery. You can direct deposit the cheque, cash or transfer payment online in our account. For more details please visit the "Finance" link in top navigation of your dashboard.

What are the payment options for my customers?Current we only support Cash on Delivery
We are in process of adding other payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Cash Card etc to provide best experience to both customers & shop owners.

How will a customer know what all products I have in my shop?Merchants shall provide the data about all the products & available inventory. We will showcase your products as per the data provided from your end. Please keep your data updated to avoid bad customer experience, which may result in a negative review from customers.

How will it impact my business if I don't provide the updated information about my products & inventory?We will only showcase the products and inventory provided by the merchants. Customers may not be able to see your latest products & offer, if you don’t provide us with the updated data. We will keep showing the old inventory numbers of products. There may arise a situation when a customer orders any specific item based on the old inventory data and that it's not available at the time of placing order. This will give a bas shopping experience to customers and he has all the right to share negative feedback about that merchant. This will result in bad publicity & loss of business.

Also, with outdated data you may not be able to fully utilize the freely available features of this website like Customized Alerts or Reporting functionality.

How can I showcase deals and offers on my products?There are two methods to showcase your deals and offers. It depends on the type of option you have selected to manage your inventory at the time of registration:

  • Manually Add Inventory: When you search any product from our library or provide the inventory product manually, you can see a blue strip with heading 'Any Offer/Deal on this Product'. Click on 'Yes' to provide the details about the offer/deal on the respective product.

  • Email Daily Transaction / Upload your Data: First email or upload your inventory product. Once your products are uploaded successfully, it will be visible to you in 'Inventory' tab. Click on the 'Inventory' tab and for the product you want to showcase your deal/offer click on the red icon Edit to edit it. You will see a blue strip with heading 'Any Offer/Deal on this Product'. Click on 'Yes' to provide the details about the offer/deal on the respective product.

    How can I keep my product & inventory data updated on your website?There are five ways to manage your product & inventory data on this website:

  • Manually Add Inventory: Replace your existing retail & billing software to manage your inventory & finance through

  • Email Daily Transaction: Email us a daily report on Transactions & Stocks of your inventory in .csv format (Comma Separated Values) and we will update it on our website for you.

  • Upload Your Data: Upload your daily report on Transactions & Stocks of your inventory in .csv format on our website.

  • Provide Your API: If you don't want to do anything, just ask your retail software providers to share the API with us. We will take care of rest of the things.